Challenges in the Modern Education Management

Tackling violent incidents on the campuses of educational institutions seems to be one of the major administrative challenges. There are many instances of clashes, murder, group clashes, indecent behaviour with female staff or girl students, and other related incidents. It is unfortunate that such criminal incidents do take place on the campuses of educational institutions. All the concerned people are supposed to maintain standards and also protect the dignity of the educational institutions.

Teachers, managers, governments, media, voluntary organisations, and several other national and international organisations need to work towards the peaceful management of the educational institutions.

Mere seminars, workshops, research, may not yield the desired results. Concrete action is the need of the hour.

The increase in competition among the institutions is responsible for improvements in several facilities too.

Some of the major challenges include: 1. Safety, and security of all, 2. Supply of high quality food, in case of residential campuses, and water, 3. Quality of teaching, and non- teaching staff, 4. Misbehaviour, 5. Maintenance of over all quality, 6. Payments of bills, and receiving the fees, 7. Retaining, and enhancement of reputation, 8. Satisfying all the people concerned, 9. Maintainance of hostels quality and dispensary or first aid, 10. Solutions to several problems, 11. Conducting examinations professionally, 12. Dealing with the mistakes committed by students and other staff during examinations, 13. Management of laboratories, 14. Conducting workshops, seminars, 15. placements. 16. Enhancing Confidence. 17. Management of accounts or financial management, 18. Materials management, 19. Prevention of untoward incidents, 20. Academic and non-academic achievements, 21. Maintenance of infrastructure, 22. Managing time, 23. Adhering to academic and non-academic schedules, 24. Protecting the constitutional values, 25. Sticking to the rules and regulations of the governments both at the central and the state levels. 26. Avoidance of committing mistakes, 27. Maintaining high quality transportation for students, and other staff, etc.

Only when the above challenges are tackled professionally, the true education can be imparted to the students. The campuses need to train all the concerned professionally and at regular intervals.

Shooting among the students, stabbing incidents, rape, fire accidents in the laboratories, etc were also reported on some international educational campuses in the recent past. The security personnel need to be more vigilant and check the belongings carefully when the people enter the campuses. Negligence from any quarter would lead to several problems. There are also reports that some campuses do not even employ any security personnel!

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Chippewa Valley Technical College Offers Adults Education and Disability Services


Largest campus located in Eau Claire, the campus locates three separate campuses namely Clairemont, Gateway, and West. Major regional centers are located in Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Neillsville and River Falls.

Brief Background

With a size of nearly 5600 students seeking undergraduate degrees, the college has 99% native students and 1% out of state students. Part of urban setting located at about 90 miles from Minneapolis-St. Paul with a unique health education campus and state of the art laboratory and computer campus, the college offers associate degrees.

Programs Offered

Associate degrees and technical diploma are the main programs offered in the college. In addition it offers other certifications as well as adult continuing education programs. Including the class going students and continuing education enrolled students, the total enrollment strength comes to nearly 5600 in the college. Major programs offered include business, marketing, construction, security, protective services, computer and information, health, law, firefighting, management, nursing and cosmetology.

Special Programs

Continuous education for adults is the special program offered by the college. However the aspirant candidate has to provide his or her job description to be eligible for the program. A unique feature is the extensive disability services provided by the university. Distance learning, double major, dual enrollment of High school students, external degree programs, internship, student designed major, and independent study are all available here.


Transfer students are not ignored. For each program there is fixed date line and it would be good to have a look at the website to know the exact date per program. Though the college follows open admission policy, both SAT and ACT scores are very important for admission.

Admission Credits

Chippewa Valley Technical College accepts dual credit, life experience, and advanced placements as admission credits.

Student Services and Financial Aids

Chippewa Valley Technical College offers remedial services, academic and career counseling, career placement, PT cost defraying employment and library facilities on campus for its students. Among financial aids it offers federal, state, local, and institutional grant aids besides scholarships and loan assistance for students basing on need based criteria. Extensive career counseling for students help them find better career opportunities.

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